King William Cultural Arts sites up for one month. Grand success.


The King William Cultural Arts District, located just south of downtown San Antonio, has its website and other social media sites up for a month now.  The reception and response has been great.  We have enjoyed reaching out and interacting with the other arts, community, and civic groups of San Antonio and beyond.  It is our privilege and pleasure to support the arts of all types in our unique historic neighborhood.  Whether it be sculpture, painting, photography, theater, dance, music, or any type of creating, we are interested in publicizing and promoting it in our community.  There is so much talent and vibrancy here, we want to share it with the world.  We also want to acknowledge and support it in neighboring areas as well as our city, state and across all boundaries.  We hope you visit and support the cultural arts here and in your own communities.  It a common and rich thread that we can all take part in.