Ancient Rock Art – A Talk by Dr. Harry Shafer


Ancient Rock Art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands:
A Texas Treasure – A Talk by Dr. Harry Shafer

The lower Pecos River region of Texas and the adjacent area of northern Mexico contain the most spectacular ancient paintings in North America and possibly the world. These paintings are found in over 300 sites in Texas and are the largest concentration of pictographic rock art known. The most spectacular of the murals are of the polychrome Pecos River style. The chronology of rock art styles will be discussed but the main focus of this presentation is on the Pecos River Style murals and what they may be telling us about the world of ancient hunters and gatherers as they knew it. The paintings will be put in a broader cultural and archaeological context of the people who painted them as this is one of the best-known areas of the state archaeologically. The lower Pecos area is a three-hour drive from San Antonio and several of the more spectacular sites are open to the public, including the Witte Museum White Shaman Preserve and Seminole Canyon State Park. Examples of the ancient rock art are also presented at the Kittie West Nelson Ferguson People of the Pecos Gallery at the Witte Museum.

The talk will be given by Dr. Harry Shafer, Curator of Archaeology at the Witte Museum. Dr. Shafer has conducted extensive archaeological research in the region, edited two books and written numerous articles and papers on the archaeology and rock art of the Lower Pecos, and curated the People of the Pecos Gallery at the Witte Museum.

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Oct 23