Worth Repeating

7:00 pm

September 5, 2017

Whoa…For Real, Whoa.
Did you catch that banana-pants crazy season finale of Game of Thrones? No? well that’s fine. But it was next level.
I was like, “WHAAAATTT, NOOOO!”
Then I was like, “OHHHhhhh SH***********”
Then I was like “phew”
Then I was like “OHHH SH*******” again.

That said, it is *nothing compared to our next Worth Repeating. The show is “After All These Years” and it is coming…much like winter…only sooner because it is still basically summer in South Texas. Get your tickets to the September 5th show here.

Don’t Forget! We Are at Brick at the Blue Star now.