All The Other In Betweens

6:00 pm

April 4, 2019


April 5, 2019

All the other in betweens
Thursday & Friday, April 4 & 5, 2019 | 6-9pm | Terminal 136

Terminal 136 is pleased to present the MFA Thesis Exhibition All the other in betweens by Jessica Just. Opening with a reception from 6 – 9pm on Thursday, April 4, and a second reception from 6 – 9pm Friday, April 5. The exhibit will be on view through April 20, 2019.

Jessica Just is interested in the perpetuation and transmission of personal mythology. Exploring associative flashbulb memories; the memories are vivid, yet strangely vague and unimportant. Certain colors or objects can bring about instant recollection of an environment or experience, but the ability to place yourself in a timeline is lost.

Illuminating the small habits and repetitions within family is also a point of concern and interest. They become symbols, icons, and subconscious exercises that frame the underpinnings of familial and group culture as unspoken requests to be understood. The photographs become wistful and in a way forlorn. The act of momentary transportation into a place that you’re not sure if you dreamt or physically experienced becomes a respite, an escape to a place that is familiar, maudlin, and intimate. All the other in between moments are exemplified.