Friendly Neighborhood Abstraction

6:00 pm

July 5, 2018


July 6, 2018

Hello Studio is thrilled to present Friendly Neighborhood Abstraction. This group exhibition features the work of 16 San Antonio based artists engaged with abstraction. Abstraction is sometimes thought of as cold, analytical, and removed from daily life. But, the artist we’re featuring this month challenge these notions and instead posit that abstraction is natural, playful, familiar, and ultimately very friendly.

Featured Artists:
Elizabeth Camilletti, Eden Collins, Marta Francine, Nicholas Frank, Casey Galloway, Raul Gonzalez, Jasmyne Graybill, Buster Graybill, Brittany Ham, Justin Korver, Leigh Anne Lester, Connie Lowe, Daniela Madrigal, Barbara Miñarro, Amada Miller, and Lauren Riojas