Holly Veselka: Ancient Sunlight

6:00 pm

April 5, 2018

Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 5th 6-9pm
Friday, April 6th 6-9pm

Ancient Sunlight is an installation of material experiments —chemical reactions and physical interactions of sugar, salt, and starch—by the multidisciplinary artist Holly Veselka. The form and surface of these materials reference biotic solar energy storage systems, and like these systems, they react to their environment, embody entropy, and decay over time.

Who is this primitive life, consumer of light, compressed over millions of years into crude oil? We surround ourselves with its processed remains. Did it ask to be exhumed, cremated, and scattered into atmosphere and ocean? The true zombie of our century—primordial life haunts its ancestral home in plain sight.

Hello Studio
1420 S Alamo St, Building B #203, Blue Star Arts Complex