Looks Good on Paper

6:00 pm

December 5, 2019


December 6, 2019

FLIGHT GALLERY in San Antonio’s BLUE STAR complex will host a group show of new material by four animation industry professionals during the month of December.

Illustration, animation, and comic books are the entry point into visual communication for many young artists. This is true for the group presenting work this December at Flight Gallery. With working backgrounds as diverse as education, film, graphic design and video game development, the common
thread here is the engagement in illustration and popular culture. For this show, the cartoon and its
conventions become a jumping-off point for investigating a deeper form of visual expression.

Sterling Allen re-interprets three-dimensional space using the visual vocabulary of illustration. His new body of sculptures sets out to blur the lines between art object and representational image.

Lance Myers also pushes two-dimensional work into a three-dimensional space, but to different ends. Using images from his newly released children’s book, Myers references puppetry and performative storytelling, with the frame serving as a stage.

In a more traditional approach, Ryan Parker uses pen and ink cartoons to explore topics such as parenting, relationships, and nature, leveraging the form’s inherent humor.

Robert Gonzales mixes the contrasting concepts of magic novelty items from the comic book pages of his youth and curandismo as practiced by family members in South Texas. The resulting juxtaposition is both humorous and disquieting.