MARS: Memories to Forget

6:00 pm

September 6, 2018


September 7, 2018

MARS: Memories to Forget

Opening: September 6 & 7, 2018 | 6-9pm | Terminal 136

A bilingual exhibition presenting the work of the Mexican artist Federico Jordán, curated by UTSA graduate MA Aurora Berrueto.

Federico Jordán (Torreon, Mexico, 1969.) is a Mexican visual artist with a 25 year long career as an editorial illustrator. His illustrations have been published internationally in recognized publications such as Letras Libres, The New York Times, Forbes, The New Yorker, and Wall Street Journal. He has been recognized as one of the most influential Mexican illustrators following in the footsteps of Miguel Covarrubias (Mexico City, 1904-1957) and Abel Quezada (Monterrey, Mexico 1920-1991). During the past decade Jordán has also been working in diverse media such as sculpture, photography, painting, ceramics, and virtual reality. By exploring in new media he has focused mainly in interventions of old documents and abandoned spaces, as well as the creation of drawings in massive scale on barren lands, documenting with aerial photography.