Stories Seldom Told: More Than Life

6:00 pm

May 3, 2019

With the annual Stories Seldom Told exhibition, student-artists collaboratively create multidisciplinary art installations exploring a social issue they feel isn’t being addressed in their everyday lives. Students vote on their topic and use art as an avenue to present data, historical information as well as their own personal reflections and solutions. In the past, youth-artists have tackled topics like mental health, educational inequities, and violence in the media.

This year, youth-artists have chosen to explore the many facets of death that they have faced and may face in their lives. Artists began with the realization that death is a topic that is often ignored, frowned upon and avoided completely. In an effort to destigmatize the topic, youth are exploring concepts like the process of grief, burial rituals in different cultures, eco-friendly burial processes, critical views of the funeral industry, the continuity of life after death and the significance of personal memorial celebrations.

Stories Seldom Told: More than Life
First Friday Reception: May 3, 2019, 6 – 9 pm
FREE and Open to the Public
1518 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78204