Working Artists: A Labor Day Special

7:00 pm

September 2, 2019

URBAN-15’s Hidden Histories Returns with
“Working Artists: A Labor Day Special”
Monday, September 2nd @ 7:00pm CST
View LIVE at the URBAN-15 STUDIO
2500 S. Presa 78210)

When we think of the “labor” in Labor Day, we imagine waiting tables, working construction or cleaning hotel rooms—seldom playing an instrument, writing, painting or dancing. As a result, we erase the unrecognized (and often unpaid) value of the labor artists perform, not to mention the working conditions many artists face in their day jobs.

In honor of Labor Day, September’s episode of Hidden Histories seeks to recognize the “working artists” of San Antonio, asking: How do artists make a living? Exploring the wide range of lived responses to that question, we talk with musicians who gig and teach, poets who work at call centers, writers who teach online, pianists who play in bank lobbies, and trumpeters organizing for better pay and conditions as part of the local musicians’ union. Finally, reprising our homage to Studs Terkel’s Working, September’s episode also presents a new collection of short film interviews with a range of San Antonio residents on one question: What was your first job?