Seeking Photographer for Fotoseptiembre 2012


The King William Cultural Arts District is seeking photographers for their Fotoseptiembre Exhibit, opening First Thursday, Septemeber 6, 2012.  The exhibit will be shown through September and October at the King William office on S. Alamo.  Representative entries should be sent to

Please send 3 to 5 representative images.  A URL to a collection would be best.  Please submit by June 4, 2012.



The annual festival and online exhibitions are eclectic and inclusive forums for photographic artists and enthusiasts from around the world. Many outstanding artists exhibit with each year. The curated exhibits feature artists whose works show contextual consistency, sustained artistic growth, and a passionate commitment to craft. With an emphasis on service and quality, the festival fosters a professional exhibition environment; creating opportunities, enhancing careers, and providing significant international exposure.