Updated Entry for San Antonio Art League and Museum


In the not-so-distant future, the Art League may have a more welcoming, updated entry, thanks to a $3000 grant from the King William Association. KWA Grants Committee Chair Rosemarie Kanusky confirmed the award in a telephone conversation with SAALM president Lyn Belisle Kurtin last week.

In addition to the new signage, other initiatives supported by this KWA grant include:
Repair and relocation for Charles Williams’ sculpture “Ancient Warrior”
New signage for individual sculptures from Allegra Printing
Plants to landscape new entry gate (volunteer labor)
Lighting for new brick entry sidewalk (already constructed)

This is the second consecutive year that the KWA has supported the Art League – many thanks to the Grants Committee and staff, and a special welcome to new KWA Executive Director Lisa Lynde.